1952MarchOn Dartmoor (One Act)20 Devonshire StreetNeil Grant-
1952-Columbine Junior (One Act)20 Devonshire StreetReginal Arkell-
1952-Postal Orders (One Act)20 Devonshire StreetRoland Pertwee-
1952AprilDark Lady of the Sonnets20 Devonshire StreetGeorge Bernard Shaw-
1952NovemberClaudia (First full-length play)20 Devonshire StreetRose FrankenAnton O’Hara
1953AprilCorinth House20 Devonshire StreetPamela Hansford Johnson-
1953NovemberLover’s Leap20 Devonshire StreetPhilip Johnson-
1953-Ghosts20 Devonshire StreetHenrik Ibsen-
1954JanuaryLadies in Retirement20 Devonshire StreetEdward Percy-
1954FebruaryCandida20 Devonshire StreetGeorge Bernard Shaw-
1954-The Proposal and The Bear20 Devonshire StreetAnton Chekov-
1954-Peter and the Wolf (ballet/mime)West Walls Old TheatreSerge Prokoviev-
1954OctoberA Match for the DevilWest Walls Old TheatreNorman Micholson-
1954Nov 4 – 6Too True to be GoodWest Walls Old TheatreGeorge Bernard ShawAnton O’Hara & Rene Wilkinson
1954DecemberSquaring the CircleWest Walls Old TheatreValentin Kataev-
1955JanuaryDr KnockWest Walls Old TheatreJules Romain-
1955Feb 17 – 19Heartbreak HouseWest Walls Old TheatreGeorge Bernard ShawAnton O’Hara & Renee Wilkinson
1955May 5 – 7ElectraWest Walls Old TheatreEuripidesJames Gate
1955Sep 20 – 23The Merchant of VeniceCrown and Mitre BallroomWilliam ShakespeareJames Gate
1955Dec 8 – 10The Golden CuckooWest Walls Old TheatreDenis JohnsonAnton O’Hara
1955Jan 26 – 30Prophesy to the WindWest Walls Old TheatreNorman NicholsonAnton O’Hara
1956FebruaryGuilty (Therese Raquin)West Walls Old TheatreEmile Zola-
1956AprilThe Family ReunionWest Walls Old TheatreThomas Stearns Eliot-
1956Jun 7 – 9Amphrytrion 38West Walls Old TheatreJean GiradouxJames Gate
1956Jul 13 – 14Still Life (One Act), X = O (One Act) & Village Wooing (One Act)West Walls Old TheatreNoël Coward, John Drinkwater & George Bernard ShawElfrida Nelson, Norman Johnson & Renee Wilkinson
1956SepemberMrs Warren’s ProfessionWest Walls Old TheatreGeorge Bernard Shaw-
1956Nov 26HamletCarlisle City HallWilliam Shakespeare-
1957JanuaryTobias and the AngelWest Walls Old TheatreJames Baidie-
1957FebruaryJuno and the PaycockWest Walls Old TheatreSean O’Casey-
1957MarchAntigoneWest Walls Old TheatreJean Anouilh-
1957Apr 10 – 13The Long MirrorWest Walls Old TheatreJ B PriestleyAnton O’Hara
1957MayA Sleep of PrisonersWest Walls Old TheatreChristopher Fry-
1957Oct 3 – 8 (Not Sun)Waiting for GodotWest Walls Old TheatreSamuel BeckettAnton O’Hara
1957NovemberIll Met by MoonlightWest Walls Old TheatreM MacLiammair-
1957DecemberDoctor AngelusWest Walls Old TheatreJames Bridie-
1957Dec 27 – Jan 3, 1958Begone Dull Care (Revue & Pantomime)West Walls Old TheatreAnton O’HaraAnton O’Hara
1958-(Diff’rent)West Walls Old TheatreEugene O’Neill-
1958Mar 13 – 18Good FridayWest Walls Old TheatreJohn MasefieldAnton O’Hara & Rene Wilkinson
1958AprilThe Burnt FlowerbedWest Walls Old TheatreUgo Betti-
1958JuneThe Castell of PerseveranceCarlisle Cathedral GroundsOctocentenary Production-
1958Sep 30 – Oct 4Under Milk WoodWest Walls Old TheatreDylan Thomas (With original songs set by Daniel Jones)Naun Jones
1958Nov 6 – 11 (Not Sun)Waiting for GodotWest Walls Old TheatreSamuel BeckettAnton O’Hara & Renee Wilkinson
1958DecemberBefore BreakfastWest Walls Old TheatreEugene O’Neill-
1958-Augus Does His BitWest Walls Old TheatreGeorge Bernard Shaw-
1958-The LessonWest Walls Old TheatreEugene Ionesco-
1959JanuaryNow or Never (Pantomime)West Walls Old TheatreAnton O’Hara-
1959FebuaryHanjo (One Act)West Walls Old TheatreYukio Mishima-
1959Mar 12-17The CrucibleWest Walls Old TheatreArthur MillerNaun Jones
1959Mar 24Good FridayHer Majesty's TheatreJohn MasefieldAnton O’Hara & Rene Wilkinson
1959AprilDangerous CornerWest Walls Old TheatreJ.B.Priestley-
1959May 28 – Jun 2Look Back in Anger (Also performed at Seascale)West Walls Old TheatreJohn OsborneRenee George
1959Sep 24 – Oct 3CockpitWest Walls Old TheatreBridget BolandAnton O’Hara
1959NovemberThe ManWest Walls Old TheatreMel Dinelli-
1959DecemberDisguise and Dolls (Pantomime)West Walls Old TheatreEric Scholey-
1960Feb 4 – 9The Long, The Short and The Tall (Entered in the 1959-60 Cumberland Drama League Full Length Play festival)West Walls Old TheatreWilllis HallNorman Johnson
1960Apr 2The Long, The Short and The TallHer Majesty's TheatreWilllis HallNorman Johnson
1960April 15The VigilHer Majesty's TheatreLadislas FodorAnton O'Hara
1960JuneEurydiceWest Walls Old TheatreJean Anouilh-
1960Oct 25 – 29The Chalk GardenWest Walls Old TheatreEnid BagnoldAgnes M Crease
1960DecemberAnd So to Bedouin (Pantomime)West Walls Old TheatreEric ScholeyAnton O’Hara
1961Feb 14 – 18The Rough and Ready LotWest Walls Old TheatreAlun OwenNorman Johnson
1961-Design for LivingWest Walls Old TheatreNoël Coward-
1961May 14, 15, 17, & 18One More RiverWest Walls Old TheatreBeverley CrossNorman Johnson
1961Jul 4 – 8Rookery NookWest Walls Old TheatreBen TraversAnton O’Hara
1961Sep 26 – 30Women of TrachisWest Walls Old TheatreSophocles (Translated by Ezra Pound)Norman Johnson
1961Nov 21 – 25A Hut Called PurgatoryWest Walls Old TheatreEric ScholeyAnton O’Hara & Eric Scholey
1961DecemberDisguise and Dolls (Pantomime)West Walls Old TheatreEric Scholey-
1962-The TempestWest Walls Old TheatreWilliam Shakespeare-
1962Apr 3 – 7The House of Bernada AlbaWest Walls Old TheatreFrederico Garcia LorcaJohn Richardson
1962May 28 – Jun 2Love in a MistWest Walls Old TheatreKenneth HorneDerek Walby
1962Sep 25 – 29Home of the BraveWest Walls Old TheatreArthur LaurentsNorman Johnson
1962Nov 6 – 10Epitaph for George DillonWest Walls Old TheatreJohn Osborne & Anthony CreightonRene George & Gwladys George
1962-Sandra Ella (Pantomime)West Walls Old TheatreEric Scholey-
1963-The Importance of Being EarnestWest Walls Old TheatreOscar Wilde-
1963-Getting MarriedWest Walls Old TheatreGeorge Bernard Shaw-
1963May 14 – 18Mother Courage and Her ChildrenWest Walls Old TheatreBerthold BrechtJames Gate
1963Jun 25 – 29The CaretakerWest Walls Old TheatreHarold PinterDerek Walby
1963Jul 28The Inly Touch of Love (An entertainment drawn for the love themes of Shakespeare)West Walls Old TheatreWilliam ShakespeareRita Gordon & Michael Dunn
1963Sep 15One Hour to Dusk (Youth Theatre Production)West Walls Old TheatreAnthony BoothJean Bird & Derek Platt
1963Sep 24 – 28The Young in HeartWest Walls Old TheatreDerek BenfieldEsmond Abraham
1963-Maring SongWest Walls Old TheatreJohn WhitingRene Wilkinson
1963Nov 17The Truth about the Truth, The Zoo Story (Youth Theatre Production)West Walls Old TheatreBenn M Levy & Edward AlbeeJ C Brown & Eric Robson
1963Dec 16 – 21The Gypsies Warning (A Musical Melodrama)West Walls Old TheatreRenee GeorgeRenee George
1964Feb 18 – 23Afore Night ComeWest Walls Old TheatreDavid RudkinNorman Johnson
1964Apr 7 – 11CurtmantleWest Walls Old TheatreChristopher FryEdward Lamb
1964-The Bad SamaritanWest Walls Old TheatreWilliam Douglas HomeEric Scholey
1964Sep 29 – Oct 3Private Ear & Public EyeWest Walls Old TheatrePeter ShafferJohn Metcalfe
1964Nov 10 – 15GhostsWest Walls Old TheatreHenrik IbsenDerek Walby
1965Jan 18 – 23A Christmas CarolWest Walls Old TheatreCharles Dickens (Adapted for Performance by John Wallace)Renee George
1965Mar 2 – 7The Biggest Thief in TownWest Walls Old TheatreDalton TrumboNorman Johnson
1965Apr 27 – May 1Arms and the ManWest Walls Old TheatreGeorge Bernard ShawRene Wilkinson
1965Jun 1 – 5Dinner With the FamilyWest Walls Old TheatreJean Anouilh (Translated by Edward Owen Marsh)Dora Lack
1965Sep 21 – 25The Sleeping PrinceWest Walls Old TheatreTerrence RattinganJohn Metcalfe
1965Nov 2 – 7The Queen and the RebelsWest Walls Old TheatreUgo BettiNorman Johnson
1965Dec 14 – 19England Our England (Revue)West Walls Old TheatreKeith Waterhouse & Willie HallDora Lack & John Metcalfe
1966Feb 8 – 12Maria StuartWest Walls Old TheatreFredrich Shiller (Translated by Keith Haughan)James Gate
1966Mar 22 – 26The Glass MenagerieWest Walls Old TheatreTennessee WilliamsDora Lack
1966Sep 6 - 12Crime on Goat IslandWest Walls Old TheatreUgo BettiDerek Walby
1966Oct 12 – 15She Stoops to ConquerWest Walls Old TheatreOliver GoldsmithJohn Metcalfe
1966Dec 13 – 17Relative ValuesWest Walls Old TheatreNoël CowardRene Wilkinson

by Richard Harris

Directed by David Wood

An Amateur Production in Association with Samuel French Ltd

July 4th – 9th, 2022