Two (2022)

by Jim Cartwright
Directed by David Wood

Performed January 31st – February 5th, 2022

The play charts the conversations of many of the characters who visit the pub. They are all played by the two actors; each playing several rôles. It may appear that there is no story but there are many stories; those of the customers.

This play will appeal to actors who like a big challenge. Not only do we have a tour-de-force of line learning, the change of character has to be convincing in it’s characterisation. The two also need to be contrasting and able to be flexible in the use of several accents. You may think that I am asking a lot but I can assure you that the rewards of this clever play far outweigh the disadvantages and that the whole experience will be a great adventure.


by Richard Harris

Directed by David Wood

An Amateur Production in Association with Samuel French Ltd

July 4th – 9th, 2022