Auditions 2022

The Odd Couple

By Neil Simon; Directed by Stewart Grant
Performance: October 10th – 15th, 2022
Casting Date: July 20th 2022 at 19:30 in the Theatre

Following its premiere on Broadway in 1965, the characters were revived in a successful 1968 film starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. In the 1970s it also became a popular television series. The plot concerns two mismatched roommates. With his marriage breaking down, the neat, uptight Felix Ungar moves in with the divorced, slovenly, easygoing Oscar Madison. Neil Simon uses the differences between the unlikely roommates to create some great comedy especially when two sisters move in upstairs.

Cast Required

  • Felix Ungar (A fastidious, hypochondriac news-writer whose marriage is ending)
  • Oscar Madison (A slovenly, recently divorced sportswriter)
  • Murray (A NYPD policeman, one of Felix and Oscar’s poker buddies)
  • Speed (One of the poker buddies. Gruff and sarcastic, often picking on Vinnie and Murray)
  • Vinnie (One of the poker buddies. Vinnie is mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed’s verbal barbs)
  • Roy (One of the poker buddies. Oscar’s accountant. Roy has a dry wit but is less acerbic than Speed)
  • Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon (Felix and Oscar’s giggly upstairs neighbours, a pair of English sisters. The former a divorcée, the latter a widow)

Director Contact
Tel: 07966 714312

Three Little Pigs (Panto)

By Verity Ramsden & Mitch Ralley; Directed by Kate Sparkes-McSevich
Performance: December 1st – 10th, 2022
Casting Dates: See below

We are looking for outgoing, fun-loving, extraordinary people to join the cast for a fun filled, laugh-out-loud extravaganza. Are you up for it??

Could you see yourself as …

  • Percy Trotter – A young artistic pig. Principal boy. (Male, played by Male or Female)
  • Perky Trotter – Silly billy brother pig 1. (Male, played by M or F)
  • Porky Trotter – Silly billy brother pig 2. (Male, played by M or F)
  • Mrs Trotter – Mamma Pig – Dame. (Female, played by Male)
  • Mayor Piggerton – Mayor of Pigton – (Baron Hardup/Alderman Fitzwarren type character prone to awful gaffes) (Male)
  • Peppa Piggerton – A pretty and intelligent lady pig, love interest of Percy. Daughter of Mayor, wants to become a politician. (Female)
  • Mister Wolf – evil property developer. Fond of bacon. (Male)
  • Roxy Fox – Sidekick 1 – A fox estate agent who works at Foxtons. (Female)
  • Trixie Fox – Sidekick 2. A Fox estate agent who works at Foxtons. (Female)
  • Andy Warthog – Artist and Hippy leader – Spaced out but charismatic leader of hippies. A bit Ozzy Ozborne/the Young Ones. (Male)
  • Fairy Godmutton – Sheepy fairy (Male or Female)
  • Plus a chorus of Townspigs and Hippies (some chorus members may be given a few lines or extra ‘business’ to do) (M & F)

If you want to take part in the biggest production of the year come along to the auditions taking place on …

  • Saturday 9th July (14.30 – 17.00)
  • Monday 11th July (18.00 – 22.00)
  • Thursday 14th July (19.30 – 21.30)
  • Friday 15th July (18.00 – 22.00)

Director Contact
Tel: 07717 502362


by Alan Bennett

Directed by Jason Munn

An Amateur Production in Association with Samuel French Ltd

August 22th – 27th, 2022