Auditions – 2024 Season

One Wedding And A Funeral

Two short plays written and directed by Pat Harkness

Performance: 18th – 20th April 2024
Casting: Monday 26th Feburary 2024 and Wednesday 28th February 2024

Cast Required

A Good Send Off
The family gather in their late mother’s home, waiting for the hearse to arrive.As they reminisce, things are not all they seem!

  • Norman  – Oldest brother to Mabel and Madge, uncle to Tracey.
  • Mabel – Older sister to Madge, sister to Norman and mother of Tracey, she’s the matriarch of the family.
  • Madge – Younger sister of Mabel and Norman, Aunt to Tracey
  • Tracey – Daughter to Mabel, married with children.
  • Jackie – Young male/female friend of their Mum.

All characters to have local accents, and the ages can range from over 65 for Norman, younger for the two sisters, Tracey 30’ish and Jackie 18-25.

Saying I Do
The three friends meet to see their neighbour’s daughter getting married. As they wait for the bride, no-one is excluded from the gossip.

  • Mabel – Spinster, doesn’t hold back on her opinions.
  • Lily – Married, disorganised – a follower.
  • Winnie – A quiet soul with a heart of gold, but a bit dim.

All three characters are middle-aged or older, and local accents are necessary.

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A Doll’s House

By Henrik Ibsen; Directed by James Issitt

Performance: 13th – 18th May 2024
Casting: Tuesday 5th March at 7.30pm (Please bring a rehearsed monologue from any play published after 1850. Please note that A Doll’s House was published in 1879 and is part of the Naturalism movement, and therefore something similar would be useful. You will present your monologue along with other actors and then take part in some scene work. Scripts for this scene work will be provided.)

The play concerns the fate of a married woman, who at the time in Norway, lacked reasonable opportunities for self-fulfillment in a male-dominated world, despite the fact that Ibsen denied it, it was his intent to write a feminist play. It was a great sensation at the time, and caused a ‘storm of outraged controversy’ that went beyond the theatre to the world of newspapers and society.

Cast Required

  • Nora Helmer – Wife of Torvald, mother of three, is living out the ideal of the 19th century wife.
  • Torvald Helmer – Nora’s husband, a newly promoted bank manager, professes to be  enamoured of his wife but their marriage stifles her.
  • Dr. Rank – A rich family friend. He is terminally ill, and it is implied that his ‘tuberculosis of the spine’ originates from a venereal disease contracted by his father.
  • Kristine Linde – Nora’s old school friend, widowed, is seeking employment. She was in a relationship with Krogstad prior to the play’s setting.
  • Nils Krogstad – An employee at Torvald’s bank, a single father, he is pushed to desperation. A supposed scoundrel, he is revealed to be a  long-lost lover of Kristine.
  • The Children – Nora and Torvald’s children: Ivar, Bobby, and Emmy (in order of age).

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Ladies Unleashed

By Amanda Whittington; Directed by Carole Ferguson

Performance: 24th – 29th June 2024
Casting: Thursday 4th April 2024

Pearl, Jan and Linda are enjoying a long-awaited break on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, when a surprise visitor turns up. They haven’t seen Shelley for years, and their retreat becomes a reunion – and pretty soon, a riot. But a lot has changed since they were last together and, cut off from the mainland, tensions rise with the tide. As the sky darkens, the island grows restless with echoes of the past. Will the four still be friends when dawn breaks? A moving comedy about friendship, growing older and living for today.

Cast Required

  • Pearl, Jan, Linda, Shelley – 4 late middle aged/retired women
  • 3 young women – late teens/early 20s
  • 1 woman – probably 30/40.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted by Steven Canny and John Nicholson; Directed by Jason Munn

Performance: 12th – 17th August 2024
Casting: Monday 10th June 2024

When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead on his estate, with a look of terror still etched on his face, and the paw prints of a gigantic hound beside his body, the great detective Sherlock Holmes is summoned from Baker Street, with Dr Watson in tow, to unravel the mysteries surrounding his death, and investigate the ancient curse of the Hound of the Baskervilles.

The Advised Casting works as follows:

  • Actor 1 – Holmes, Stapleton, Cecile Stapleton, Mr Barrymore, Mrs Barrymore, Yokel 3
  • Actor 2 – Watson, Yokel 1
  • Actor 3 – Sir Charles Baskerville, Sir Henry Baskerville, Mortimer, Cabbie, Yokel 2, Wise Yokel

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The Weir

By Conor McPherson; Directed by Claire Whitehouse

Performance: 12th – 14th September 2024
Casting: Date to be announced

The Weir is a play set in a small rural bar in North West Leitrim or Sligo. The story revolves around a group of locals – Jack, a mechanic, Brendan, the bartender, Finbar, another local, and Jim, who gather at the bar on a windy evening. They discuss Finbar’s new tenant, Valerie, a woman from Dublin, and share ghost stories about their encounters with the supernatural. As the night unfolds, Valerie reveals her own tragic past, mourning the loss of her daughter, Niamh. The play explores themes of loneliness, loss, and the power of storytelling to connect people, leaving the characters with a sense of hope for the future.

Cast Required

  • Finbar – A local businessman in his late forties.
  • Jack – A mechanic and garage owner in his fifties.
  • Valerie – A Dublin woman in her thirties.
  • Jim – Jack’s assistant, in his forties.
  • Brendan – The owner of the pub in which the play is set. In his thirties.

A note about gender. There will be some flexibility around the gender of some of the characters. In Conor McPherson’s play The Weir, two male characters could potentially be portrayed as female. With some adaptation to the script and character backgrounds, these rôles could be reimagined as female characters, in order to accommodate the availability of actors in Carlisle.

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The Good Life

By Jeremy Sams, original authors John Esmonde and Bob Larbey; Directed by Verity Ramsden

Performance: 7th – 12th October 2024
Casting: Tuesday 11th June 2024

When Tom and Barbara Good decide to exchange the pressures of the rat race for an alternative, more sustainable way of living, they set about turning their suburban home in Surbiton into a model of self-sufficiency. They grow their own fruit and veg, keep livestock in the garden, make their own clothes, and even generate their own electricity from manure.

Cast Required

  • Tom Good – Male, 40s
  • Barbara Good – Female, 30s/40s
  • Margo Leadbetter – Female, 30s – 50s
  • Jerry Leadbetter – Male, 40s or early 50s
  • Male actor – To play multiple roles (with amusing quick changes): Harry the  pigman, Policeman, Dr Joe.  20s-50s.
  • Female actor – To play multiple roles (with amusing quick changes): Margaret the secretary, Milkwoman, Mary the Receptionist 20s-40s.
  • ‘Sir’ aka Andrew Ferguson – Tom and Jerry’s Boss.  Male, 60
  • Felicity Ferguson – Sir’s wife. A vivacious woman 50+

NB – Sir and Felicity could also be played by the actors playing the multi-rôles, but could be cast separately)

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